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The Private Dining Room, seating up to eight persons, plays up the luxe of The Yen Group branding. Opulent wall coverings are accented by golden features, while the Empress Green marble of the central table creates a rich background for the meal to come. This is a room that elevates your business meetings, birthday parties and private events. There are currently two options available. 

Omakase Styled Dinner ⁣
⁣Enjoy a customized tasting menu featuring the absolute best cuts and seasonal ingredients. A dedicated grill chef will prepare and cook each dish to order, showcasing the flagship YEN Yakiniku ‘You Chill, We Grill.’ 
⁣*($1,000 min spend requirement & min. 2 days pre-order)⁣
⁣Private ‘Social’ Room⁣
⁣Enjoy YEN Social's grilling experience in your own private room where you can grill the finest cuts and have undisturbed conversation 
⁣*($1,000 min spend)⁣

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